Judy Small December 2020
quote  These are the best candles out there! They burn perfectly if cared for as suggested. The scents permeate your entire house. You get more out of them because you can put them out because the scent is everywhere. I send these as special gifts to my friends. They are always thrilled to get them. My favorite scent is Lilac. It smells like you have real lilac bushes. I can't say enough about them. Yankee candles are about 3 times the price and 1/3 the quality.    unquote
Dianne Hodge October 2020
quote  Sugar Shack candles are truly the BEST! We burn Apple Crumb Cake all Winter in our home. Summer Lilac is also amazing! Other brands dont come close to this quality!    unquote
Michael Hagemeier October 2020
quote  I used to live in Grand Island 13 years ago. My wife loved these candles, used to buy them at Ace hardware. Now we live in Pennsylvania and we still order them.They are the best hands down.    unquote
Bridget May 2020
quote  A friend gave me one of your candles. It is simply incredible! My husband even commented on the wonderful smell when he walked in the house.    unquote
Marcia November 2019
quote  I just love your candles! I can immediately smell the scent when I enter the house from the opposite end!! I've tried other name brand candles but their scent does not linger like yours does! My personal favorite is Sweet Potatoes and Brown Sugar. I've thought about trying other scents but don't want to miss out on my favorite. The hard part is choosing which scents to get!!   unquote
Debbie January 2018
quote  I love, love your candles! Apple crumb is my favorite but I'm going to try some other! Thank you for the quick delivery!   unquote
Judys December 2017
quote  These are the best candles I have ever used.They burn up entirely with no wasted wax. I love the wick on these. They don't break or burn down into the wax with just a little TLC.My friend in California looks forward to her new candles from Nebraska every year. She lights her candles and watches the Huskers on t.v. It's the next best thing to being together.   unquote
Linda Stotts September 2017
quote  We have been a fan of Sugar Shack candles for years, ever since we came across this quaint little shop in rural Nebraska. Our whole family are fans and we can't wait to see what the new scents are each year. Of course we have our favorites that we purchase yearly!    unquote
Breanna E. September 2017
quote  I love Sugar Shack candles! They burn great, have a wonderful variety of scents, and the scent is strong!    unquote
Lisa Bunch April 2017
quote  Always Loved Almond Biscotti, Apple Crumb Cake! Tried a few new ones so glad I did! My husband and I think they may become our new favorite ones: Yellow Daffodils- what a soft gentle smell of fresh daffodils. Green Tea & Clementine such a relaxing, cozy Smell! Oh my gosh Love both of my New Candles!    unquote
Vikki March 2017
quote  I love, love your candles! I do miss Millennium and Moonlight Kiss! Both are still my favorites   unquote
Amy January 2017
quote  I LOVE Sugar Shack candles and refuse to buy any other candle. I'm from Hastings, NE originally, but have lived in Lincoln for years. I stock up every couple of years and have them shipped to me or get them from Hyvee. Please make a cherry or grape candle though:)    unquote
John November 2016
quote  We just love these candles, one winter it snow really bad and I was out shoveling for over three hours I came in and smelled fresh baked brownies I was so happy until my wife told me it was Brownie nut fudge candle burning. It smells so great filled the whole house.   unquote
Ann February 2016
quote  Your candles are the best ever! I love, love southern pecan pie. It smells amazing! Please don't ever discontinue this candle. I will be buying it forever! Thank you for best candles I have ever had and I do buy a lot of them.   unquote
Greg Largent September 2015
quote  I have purchased candles from Sugar Shack for 20 years. I have NEVER seen or smelled any candles that that come close to theirs. Visit their factory in Edgar, NE. Pleasant, friendly folk.   unquote
Angelia Wellman September 2015
quote  Hello Again! Been in South Mississippi for almost ten years now and I have yet to find any candles or was bars that can even come close to Sugar Shacks, not even Yankee Candles can hold up to you guys! The wax bars I get from you last in my wax warmer far longer than any other, the smell lingers throughout my home! I would much rather spend my money with Sugar Shack than some big corporation. Keep up the great work on your product!    unquote
Erin August 2015
quote  I am from Nebraska, but I live in California now and I have to admit.. these are the best smelling candles I have ever smelt. Your entire room will smell like the candle you buy. It is worth the money!    unquote
Kendra August 2015
quote  The new Sweet Potatoes and Brown Sugar candle is totally amazing - I have already burned my candle the past couple of evenings and am loving it as I sit here! And I can't wait to use the bricks for my warmer in the coming days - thank you so much, Cyndie and staff, for the great variety of homemade candles, and for making what I believe, in my opinion, may be the best fall scent yet!!   unquote
Jennifer July 2015
quote  I have traveled the country and these are the best, most wonderful smelling candles out there! I only order these candles now. I stopped a little antique store in Nebraska. When I got home and thru the first candle, I ordered more! And then more! Nothing like these candles that I have found... especially in Indiana!   unquote
Denise April 2015
quote  I wanted to share how fantastic the soaps are! I received several soaps as a gift from my Mother. I used a couple right away and loved them. They are nice on my skin and smell soooo good. Imagine my surprise the other day when I was doing some house cleaning and came across two bars of soap I had forgotten I had. I opened them and started using them and was amazed to find the soaps were still of exceptional quality and smelled like they were freshly made. This is so wonderful considering that I received these a couple of years before my Mother passed in 2003! I am so glad I found you so I could purchase more and remember my Mother every time I use them. Thanks for such a great product and please keep up the great quality.   unquote
Cheryl January 2015
quote  I've been a fan of Sugar Shack candles for a long time and just recently discovered the Exotic Woods scent. Been stocking up on it, buying for friends and will be ordering more of it online. Great products!   unquote
Jean October 2014
quote  I am THRILLED that you brought back my favorite scent Banana Cream Pie. Hope it stays around a long time this time around. If you did a blindfolded test with any Sugar Shack candle against the any "Y" candle or any brand, Sugar Shack would win 100% of the time. Way to go and keep it up.   unquote
Ken May 2014
quote  I had purchased a gift basket at a school fundraiser. Included was a Hansel and Gretel candle. I didn't think of it. "Oh joy, a candle. How exciting." In fact, it sat in a storage closet for at least a month. Then, or power went out. I lit the candle and found what pure sensory bliss is. It was wonderful. Its now the only candle allowed to be lit near me. All other candles are inferior. Consider me a customer for life.    unquote
Donna March 2014
quote  I absolutely love Sugar Shack candles! I have never found a candle that are as good as these. I live in Kansas and our grocery store has carried them for years after the owner smelled one. I miss going to the store in Edgar, hopefully I can make it back there soon. Brownie Nut Fudge and Cranberry Spritzer are my favorites!   unquote
Michele (currituck County, Nc) February 2014
quote  We absolutely love Sugar Shack candles!!! I was given one as a gift a few years back and now give them as gifts myself...everyone that receives them says the same thing "these are the best candles!" I recently lost my local distributor and was so excited to be able to order directly online. Anyone that orders, will not be disappointed. Their aroma just completely fills the room...we are especially fond of the peach cobbler, but ordered a few other scents (such as, birthday cake, lemon drop & apple crumb) and Sugar Shack continues to impress. It literally smells like you are baking something...we'll never buy from any other candlemaker again! =)    unquote
Audrey B November 2013
quote  I LOVE Sugar Shack candles! A friend at work gave me one and I have been hooked. Placed an order last week and within 3 days my order was delivered! So impressed! If you have never tried Sugar Shack candles, trust me, you will not be disappointed! Far better than the candles in the "Y" stores at the malls, here in Omaha. Thank you Sugar Shack, I will be placing my Christmas order soon!    unquote
Paula September 2013
quote  No one beats Sugar Shack Candles. I don't live in NE. So been trying other brands including the big names and they all lack in smell. Even though my favorite scent you know longer make I am very fond of Caramel Corn.    unquote
Pam June 2013
quote  The quality of these candles is amazing! I fell in love with "Moonlit Kiss" and, although I have tried many other brands and fragrances, none match the fragrance of Sugar Shack! I moved to a town that does not have a store that carries them, so am placing an on-line order. Cant wait for my package to arrive! Thanks, Sugar Shack!!    unquote
Tyler May 2013
quote  We use these candles for our FBLA Nationals fundraiser. It's always a big hit!!!   unquote
Kimberlym May 2013
quote  I have tried several brands of candles and even headed to the "Y" candle store that we have locally. They don't even compare to the Sugar Shack candles. I drive over 400 miles to pick up a years supply at a time ever year when I head up to see family. Please keep the quality that I have become accustom to. With the cost of everything increasing please don't skimp, if you have to pass it along to the customer once they know the quality of the product I am sure they will not mind paying a little more.   unquote
Tiffiny October 2012
quote  I grew up in Hastings NE and was raised in a home where a sugar shack candle burned every day. I have tried every scent and seriously you can not go wrong with any choice. I also enjoy the air fresheners, potpourri, soaps, and the newest addition of the candle bars which are amazing and the strong scent lasts for at least 6 weeks in my experience.   unquote
Janet August 2012
quote  I grew up about 1/2 hour from Lincoln, I fell in love with these candles when I first found out about them when I was a little girl. Right now I live about an hour away from Seattle and whenever I feel like I want a little piece of home, I burn the Red Hot Cinnamon because that has always been one of my favorite scents. I will continue to buy from you because I will always support a company from my home state, regardless of where my life leads me.   unquote
Tabitha Williams April 2012
quote  I grew up in Nebraska but moved to Seattle when I was 17. That was 10 years ago and now every time I go back to visit family I load up on Sugar Shack Candles! They are by far the best kind/brand of candle ever!! THANK YOU Sugar Shack for making a website....almond biscotti is my favorite. :)   unquote
Suzanne March 2012
Angelia W March 2012
quote  I moved away from Sutton, NE 6 years ago. I used to sho at Sugar Shack a lot! and in the 6 years that I have been gone I have not found any candles that smell as good as those from Sugar Shack. I am SO glad I discovered that I could buy them on line, as I am down in south Mississippi now. Miss You Sugar Shack!!!   unquote
Lisa R. February 2012
quote  I have loved Sugar Shack Candles since I lived in Lincoln and purchased at the From Nebraska Haymarket store. Now I get them shipped to me in Nevada. My husband and I love the scents and how they fill our whole home. Please bring back Mint Chocolate Cookie! I savor the last of my candle from years ago!   unquote
Denise Brummer December 2011
quote  I love the sugar shack candles. Peppercorn was my favorite though. Sure miss it. Any chance of bringing it back?    unquote
Cindy November 2011
quote  I love going to the sugar shack! The smells and sales are definately worth the drive. I love to give the candles and soaps as gifts and I buy other things to hang in my house. They have table runners in unique colors.    unquote
Jeanne November 2011
quote  I absolutely LOVE Sugar Shack Candles! We come down hunting deer 2 weekends a year and we always have to make the trip to Edgar to stock up. I have ordered on line before, but the store is the best. Awesome smells!    unquote
Telia June 2011
quote  I absolutely LOVE Sugar Shack candles. They are the only candles that smell the entire room- let alone the entire house! These are the best candles that I have ever tried!   unquote
Debbie Kelly November 2010
quote  I bought two of your candles in an antique mall in Oregon and they are the best candles I have ever bought. I will be a customer from this day forward.   unquote
Theresa November 2010
quote  I got my boyfriend a Sugar Shack candle for Christmas last year. He lives in California and now this year he is requesting a Sugar Shack candle again! His family loves his candle from last year so we are getting them all candles! Its a great NE gift!   unquote
Linda Schoch October 2010
quote  No other candles can compare! These candles truly keep there fragrance to the very bottom of the jar and they can fill a large area with their aroma!They are also reasonably priced!   unquote
Lynn Banducci October 2010
quote  These are the best candels ever! They last forever,burn all the way down with no waste & they will fill your entire house with their fragrance. You will not find a better candle anywhere.   unquote
Kimberly H October 2010
quote  I love the Sugar Shack candles! They smell amazing and the scent actually lasts even after the candle is done burning, which is unlike most candles. I will always use Sugar Shack candles.   unquote
Regina Geringer August 2010
quote  I have been burning Sugar Shack candles for about 10 years and absolutely love them. My brother used to live in a town near there & that is how i was introduced to them. They have a true scent and burn all the way down and not just the middle!! I haven't burn any other kind since I found the Sugar Shack candles.   unquote